The sjamanistic figure represents ancient wisdom and
    the spider represents new wisdom, the world wide web.
    In my artwork I combine old and new wisdom together.

In 1997 I discovered water mixable oil paint. From that moment on I started painting again.
By then I had a responsibility for two children and the environment. This new paint soothed my conscience.

My first paintings were fierce, not typically dutch of color, my paintings gradually became more quiet. I paint in fairly large sizes, the exact sizes you can find in the link on the right. Since my house gets filled up with paintings, my work not only gets quiter but also i produce less then before.
The computer entered my live and i love to make computer added design. Making websites was for me a technical answer to my need to make something out of nothing.
I learned to write HTML, and it felt like magic: with one mouse click the abstract code changed in an image. Great. Nowadays I only make my own sites.
Of course I gotten into image capturing, too. Unprecedented possibilities came into my life.
I especially enjoy the combination of the free work when I paint and then the technical work on websites.

I also love photography and i drive people around me nuts because I always have a camera with me and take snapshots everywhere and always. I use a pocket camera for everyday use and an SLR for special occasions.


Paintings: (click)


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