Humble; Loving simplicity in image and text.
   Let's make the world a better place.
    Let's go back to basics, back to where it's all about:
    Unconditional love.

The stories of Mister Humble are delicate lovable stories with sweet and simple drawings that make you smile. The everyday stories really touch your heart and they make you feel good.
Mister Humble thinks that LOVE is the most important thing in our life. He is a sensitive man en gets sad when people argue or get sick. He is a sweet man, well, is he really a man or is he a cartoon, with a happy smile and red cheeks? He wants to make the world a better place. Everyone who knows him just has to love him, and in reverse he loves everybody, too. Why not, in the end we are one big family, ain't we?

We live in a society where Individuality and Competition are highly important and therefore It's good to go back to basics, to the only things that really matter: That is to love and to love.
In many religions and spiritual traditions, humility plays an important role, it contributes to the building of your character and leads generally to deepen your relationships with others. Humility, of course, has nothing to do with humiliation.
It asks greatness to be humble.

The purpose of the drawings and stories is to leave you happy when you hit the last page. (... and to give a little counterbalance to all the negative things that happen in the world.)
In the video below you can see how a Humble is created.

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