Colour and light, stories and emotions of ordinary people, that's what really touches me.
    In everything I do the fun of creating comes first.

I was born in Haarlem in 1957. At the age of six my father passed away and soon after I moved with my mother, brothers and sister to the south. I expected us to wake up surrounded by cows, but we did not, of course. As a young girl I had one great desire: To live from the wind. Many years later I am still trying to find the meaning of 'living from the wind'.

In the meantime I keep myself occupied making reflections on my world. What I love to do most is to make 'something' out of 'nothing'. I do this by means of painting, writing, or a combination of image and text.
Raising children for me also is a way to make something out of nothing. From a universal point of view, of course this is not correct, since we have always been and shall always be.
From a practical point of view, I enjoyed seeing my sons grow from little helpless creatures into the strong self-conscious men which they are today.

You will notice that I have a thing with Africa. In 1986 I went to do antropological field research in West Africa and eversince I felt homesick. When my youngest son turned eighteen, in 2008, I went back 'home' and there I met the love of my life. From that moment on I happen to live in two separate worlds and I try to combine them both into one life, my life.

Against all odds my Love and I are now given the chance to be together in the Netherlands.

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